Santa Fe


Santa Fe Clubs

Stadiums in Santa Fe

Players born in Santa Fe

Player Age Club
40 years River Plate River Plate
31 years Nacional Nacional
29 years Vélez Sarsfield Vélez Sarsfield
28 years Bahia Bahia
32 years Estudiantes (BA) Estudiantes (BA)
36 years Platense Platense
36 years Racing Club Racing Club
34 years Unión SF Unión SF
40 years River Plate River Plate
29 years Ast. Tripolis Ast. Tripolis
39 years Sp. Belgrano Sp. Belgrano
36 years Talleres Talleres
33 years Central Córdoba (SdE) Central Córdoba (SdE)
32 years Chiesanuova FC Chiesanuova FC
34 years CD Real Tomayapo CD Real Tomayapo
31 years Sport Boys Sport Boys
34 years Dep. Maipú Dep. Maipú
33 years Deportes Copiapó Deportes Copiapó
35 years Cristal Cristal
35 years Villa Mitre Villa Mitre
36 years César Vallejo César Vallejo
30 years Los Andes Los Andes
29 years Dep. Español Dep. Español
28 years OF Ierapetras OF Ierapetras
34 years Ferro Ferro
38 years Crucero del Norte Crucero del Norte
30 years AS Rhodos AS Rhodos
30 years Alvarado Alvarado
29 years Aygreville Aygreville
30 years Instituto Instituto
37 years Waterside Waterside
26 years San Lorenzo San Lorenzo
28 years Temperley Temperley
31 years
32 years Camioneros Camioneros
35 years Ben Hur Ben Hur
32 years Deportes Concepción Deportes Concepción
37 years Castiadas Castiadas
31 years Locarno Locarno
33 years
28 years FC Senigallia FC Senigallia
39 years Talleres (Perico) Talleres (Perico)
33 years Cipolletti Cipolletti
38 years Sol de América (Formosa) Sol de América (Formosa)
37 years Libertad (Sunchales) Libertad (Sunchales)
41 years PSIS PSIS
35 years Vis Afragolese Vis Afragolese
30 years
34 years Sarmiento La Banda Sarmiento La Banda
30 years
...and 113 more.

Managers and Coaches born in Santa Fe

Person Age Club
62 years Olympique Marseille Olympique Marseille
60 years Universitario Universitario
51 years Patronato Patronato
52 years
43 years Alajuelense Alajuelense
41 years
41 years
55 years
59 years
57 years
55 years Torque Torque
63 years Guabirá Guabirá
46 years
56 years
39 years
54 years
54 years
57 years Colo Colo Colo Colo
46 years Libertad (Sunchales) Libertad (Sunchales)
53 years
...and 4 more.

Referees born in Santa Fe

Person Age